It is the age of Science and technology. Your every task is just one click away. The technology is extremely advanced now. There are so many watches, fitness trackers and wearables available in the market. There is a stiff competition between these accessories to take the top spot.

Best smart watches for android do not only mean to be a way of getting notifications. These best watches for android also include a fitness tracker, a wallet and even a phone, sometimes. It is said that according to a report, the shipment of smart watches increased by 48 % and every third shipped smart watch is of Apple Company. Most of the smart watches have a huge display, ultra-fast processor, Siri, fall detection and a built-in electrical heart rate sensor for taking on-the-go electrocardiograms. These smart watches also have other distinctive features, which make the smart watch even more useful with automatic workout-tracking, offline podcast playback and a voice chat feature. Hence they come under the best smart watches 2019 category too.

In the same way, fitness trackers have their own craze too. Millions of people use these fitness trackers. Every person wants to don a new fitness tracker which prompts the makers to make new editions of fitness trackers. Fitness trackers 2019 are very unique and popular. These fitness trackers can measure everything from heart rate to body movement to blood pressure. These people have one major aim doing so and that is achieving specific health and fitness goals. For the convenience of people, fitness trackers are available on Amazon too. Fitness trackers Amazon have a great demand among the people, all around the world.

No doubt there is a progress in technology and these wearables are a proof of that. However, there is a competition too, keeping these wearables in view. 2019 has witnessed some stunning and unique wearables with high durability. Some of the very fine smart watches, fitness trackers and wearables in 2019 are as under:

  • Apple smart watch series 4

This apple watch is very famous in 2019. This has advanced health sensors, having a fast processor including Siri as well. However, this watch might be somewhat expensive for some people and they would not be able to afford it. It is said that its stylish package is a little bit bigger than its predecessor. This smart watch has two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, but both smart watches are equally good and popular.4

  • Samsung Galaxy watch active

This smart watch is considered among one of the few best smart watches for android users. It can easily be afforded. It is fashionable and not much expensive. It has a very sleek design. Its IU software is considered very elegant. This smart watch works for both the android users as well as iOS smart phones. Despite the fact that this smart watch has a shorter battery time than some other Samsung Galaxy smart watches, it is still considered as customer’s top priority.


  • MI Band 4

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are considered as some of the most popular fitness trackers around, with awfully low prices. The Mi Band 4 was released recently, and is equipped with an AMOLED screen, water resistance, health tracking, and a lightweight design. The Mi Bands are not officially sold in the United States, but these fitness trackers can be found at the non-NFC Band 4 from re-sellers for around $25. Xiaomi has issued a statement that it will be sold officially in the UK and Europe later this year. It is easily one of the most popular wearable in 2019.

  • Fitbit Inspire

It is said that most of the fitness trackers have low battery life and as a result people keep on changing their fitness trackers. But if a person is in the market for a perfect fitness tracker, Fitbit Inspire is the best he can have. It is his best option and there is no denying that this fitness tracker has a lot of users attached to it. So many people have bought this fitness tracker and they do not seem to have any problem with Fitbit Inspire. It has an estimated battery life of four and a half day to 5 but it varies. But a highly excessive use can make it come to 2 days battery timing too. It still has a touch screen display, customization clock faces, and the ability to display notifications.

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