The world of smart-phones is full of surprises, whether it is software or hardware. In software, there are tons of applications and games that will blow your mind. On the other hand, the hardware class consists of high-quality accessories for your i Phone which can add ease of use as well as protection for your smart-phone. Following is a detailed list of ten cool I Phone accessories that you can get for as low as $25:

A Case

Most of the people are often hesitant about using an iPhone case because it makes their cell extra heavy, but you do not have to worry about that anymore. With new light-weighted cases like Spigen`s Air Skin I Phone Case, you can always rely on them for saving your mobile from potential scratches.

It is the thinnest and lightweight I Phone case in the market that prevents your cell phone from discoloration. They are available for sale on Amazon for prices ranging from $12.99 to $24.95 depending on color variability.

Anker PowerCore 10000

Do you consistently face the problem of the drained battery level of your iPhone? No need to be concerned anymore. This portable battery will keep your mobile charged whenever you are outside and cannot reach the charging cord. Originally available for $39.99, you can now get it for a discounted price of $22.99.

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This is a high-quality portable iPhone charger that incorporates genuine A+ battery cells and gives you extra safety with seven different kinds of short circuit protection added. It is very light for a big power bank coupled with two way charging ports.

AMINY Bluetooth Headset

The majority of the people prefer hands free or ear-buds to headphones when going out on a trip because of the ease of use.

They come with great features like the finest audio quality, noise cancellation, a Mic and safe to wear ear hooks. They also have a remarkable working time with a rechargeable battery that can go for as long as 8 hours of nonstop talk time as well as listening to music. You can get one of those cheap yet worthy ear-buds like Merdumia Wireless Blue-tooth Headphones for only $15.99.

Matone Crystal Clear Shock Absorption

If you are not satisfied with the above transparent case for your mobile, then you can go for Spigen`s Slim Tough Armor iPhone case that can fit in your pocket easily. It prevents your mobile from shocks if it is dropped as it has dual-layered protection and has a feel of the original phone like grip. Previously sold for a retail price of $34.99, this heavy-duty case is now available for as low as a reduced price of $15.99.

A Screen Protector

It really is painful when you get your phone screen scratched one way or another. Luckily, you do not have to cautious about your cell usage anymore. This Clear iPhone screen protector pack is made for most of the iPhone models including features of compatibility with Fingerprint ID, multi-layered PET film, three high-quality HD screen protectors, etc. It is guaranteed to work against any corrosion and scratches too. It is available on Amazon for a cheap price of just $5.85 which is very fitting.

Anker Powerline+  Lightning Cable

If you are one of those heavy-duty users of the iPhone and you have to charge your mobile phone frequently, then this 10 FT lightning cable at Amazon is best for you. It is compatible with all Apple products. This high-speed charging cable can be acquired for $5.99 only.

A Multi-Port Charger

Most of us come across a situation where we have to charge our multiple devices simultaneously. For this purpose, Photive gives you this 60 Watt, 6 port USB rapid charger with auto-detect technology.

You can now charge numerous of your devices with a USB connection at the same time. It provides high-speed charging as well as recognition of the device it has been just plugged into. It is extremely safe to use without any risks of overheating. If you are looking for an iPhone charger price, then this multi-port charger is available on Amazon for a sale price of $23.95 right now.

A Standing Dock

If you have never experienced the luxury of a holder or a stand for your i Phone, then you must do it now. With this revolutionary invention, you can use your mobile attached to a stand without having to pick it up every time you get a notification on your i Phone.

The best part is, it is not just a holder for your smart-phone, but it can also charge it for you. It makes phone usage safer than ever, apart from protecting the phone from potential scratches due to sliding. You can buy this remarkable iPhone accessory from Amazon for a discounted price of $9.98.


TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone

Do you go out regularly for exercise early in the morning or in the evening and you cannot help but also get an urge to entertain yourself on the go as well? Then, this Tune Belt Armband for iPhone is the best option for you. It is highly comfortable to wear as well as very safe to use. It is also resistant to sweat so you do not have to worry about crumbling it while jogging. This high-quality i Phone armband can be yours for just $14.95.

A Car Vent Mount

Do you have to use your smart-phone while driving your car? Then, this Belkin automobile vent mount is a must-have iPhone accessory for you. You can mount your i Phone to your car`s vent without having to worry about it is dropping. It can rotate 360 degrees if you have to change the view of your cell phone from portrait to landscape while usage. Its ground-breaking cable management inhibits cable from being tangled.

This amazing iPhone Accessory can be yours for the price of just $18.99.

So these are some of the cool iPhone accessories that you can get yourself if you want to make the best out of your smart-phone usage. They are highly reliable as well as easily affordable as they come under the umbrella of $25 only.

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