Three Best Drones with HD Cameras to Buy in 2019

Today is the age of autopilot automaton that has taken over the human effort for accomplishing diverse kinds of duties. Drone is a word we usually hear when it comes to low altitude robotic devices that fly around the sky and make no sound. They are used for serving different objectives such as surveillance, security and event recorder etc. Although they look like toys to a normal eye, but they are highly dangerous, hence are prohibited to use for children under the age of 14.

Some of the drones function with a mere flip of a button, while others require high level of stabilization from the user. They also feature a specialized HD camera that is mostly used for aerial videography. Their prices mainly vary from $55 to $3,399 depending on difference in durability, quality and flexibility. Some of them can be handled via smart phones apps giving an individual the freedom to live stream video and upload it to social media directly.

Now, we will look at top three of the best drones with HD camera you can get in 2019.

  1. PRO

Pro drones are dedicated to use for only specialized people with the following characteristics:


About Camera

The professional drones consist of a high definition camera capable of video recording in 1080p and higher. If there is no built in camera included in the device, one can easily attach an exterior action camera with the quality of greatest steadying gimbals for capturing slickest images. Most of the hexa and octo rotors are able to transport tools up to weight of 25lbs to lodge DSLR and without mirror cameras.

About Manual Flight Mode

Pro comes a handle consisting of joysticks that can be used to personally control the speed, direction and altitude of the device. There is even a second remote controller with an out-and-out camera operative. In this way, one individual pilots the drone while the other focuses on capturing the high value photos. However, manual method is only suggested to be used by the skilled fellows under foreseeable, accustomed circumstances.

About Accessories

The necessary components in the package include Mico SD Cards, extra batteries, rotors and support guards. Highly functioning filters are also incorporated for capturing the best pictures in sunny conditions or even removing the blur in motion, allowing the lens to work in the best possible manner. A hood is provided with controller to shield the camera from direct sunlight to give the user faultless vision while shooting outdoor. A durable and water resistant carrying case is also included to shelter the drone under worst weather conditions.

  • Hobbyist

These drones are committed for intermediate use by semi pro persons. Their features are described below:

About Auto-Flight Mode

They have preprogrammed PC aided settings allowing them to fly through GPS. Some of the autopilot modes include “cable cam, orbit, return home, and follow me”. It is easy to smoothly move around the device with computer assisted programs for the users.

About Manual Flight Mode

It is possible to control the speed, height and path of the drone via joysticks present on the handle in manual approach. However, it is recommended for the experts only.

About Accessories

An action camera and steadying gimbals are provided with camera less hobbyist. Gimbals are used for smooth working of camera levels and movements. Some of the essential accessories contain additional Micro SD Cards, batteries, support guards and rotors. A durable and water resilient case is also included in the suite.

  • Casual Enthusiast

This kind of drone is for those who are very spontaneous in their usage. Some of the essential features of this device are as follows:

Off the Shelf Flying Mode

This is an entry level device that is ready to use on the go requiring negligible setup, includes everything vital for flying, containing charger, battery, controller and a manual. To fly the object, user only has to alter the battery, use basic fitments like support guard and attach controller to its smart phone. A great deal of care needs to be taken for using this tool only in authorized areas.

About Flight Modes

These types of drones come with three main flight modes, which are auto, manual and hover style. As the name suggests, auto approach uses computer assisted settings through the use of GPS. The most popular methods of this mode are “orbit, return home, cable cam and follow me”. Auto and hover manners are deemed for all ranks of machinists. Hover allows the user to remove their hands from controller to stop the drone movement at any time, which is especially valuable for learning to run the device or recording from a singular situation in midair.

About Accessories

Rotors, support guards, extra batteries and Micro SD Cards are included along with the drone.

These are the three main kinds of drones that one can buy in 2019 depending on the usage requirements ranging from casual to professional.

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