The obsession with Virtual Reality glasses has taken the whole world by storm. People are going crazy as soon as they enter this fairy-tale. Same way when smart-phones had arrived for the first time, VR headsets also have taken over the tech space.

Approximately every smart-phone making firm and those producing gaming consoles is up to the task of launching the game-changing technology of VR Glasses. They are also producing Virtual Reality Glasses Apps for smoothly running these gadgets on Smart-phones. In addition to that,

For those of you who already have knowledge of some of the earliest versions of Virtual Reality Glasses, and also those who are new to it, 3D Virtual Reality Glasses will definitely be the most used one in 2019.

No matter whether you are wondering how to use Virtual Reality Glasses or how do Virtual Reality Glasses Work? We will cover all aspects of it for you. Now, we will look through some of the popular VR Glasses one can buy this year.


OPTOSLON 3D VR is perhaps one of the inexpensive of all Virtual Reality Glasses Headsets out there. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most treasured ones too due to its compatibility with a great number of VR apps and games on Play Store suitable for this specific gadget. The price of this device range varies from $25 to $85.After coming to know about how to set up OPTOSLON 3D VR, you may download virtual reality applications on your Android or iOS smartphone so as to play your most wanted stuff on it. It does offer a high-quality acquaintance if you have one of those mobile phones with a big screen and ultra HD resolution.

Merge VR Headset

One of its own kinds, Merge VR Headset increases hologram experience by giving your eyes the alluring experience of watching those terrific CGI seen on a 3D screen at IMax. Now you can meet with your celebrities in person thanks to Merge VR Headset. It has a matchless capacity of telling about a precise material that it is made of. It comprises a total of 12 sensors, combined with 4 cameras. It also includes 4 microphones, as well as 3D sound, gaze tracking, signal response, and dialogue support.

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Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is considered to be the pioneer of the modern Virtual Reality Glasses Headset. It normally requires a wired connection to a high-end gaming PC, so as to produce highly interactive playing involvement. Its latest updates include room-scale features allowing a user to walk around space which is obviously for those who can handle it that way because of a very difficult experience. Its price lies somewhat in the midrange line of VR products, also cheaper than its competitor HTC Vive.

Samsung Gear VR (2nd Gen)

After the success of the initial headset, Samsung has gone on to launch the second generation of its Gear VR. The major difference is the inclusion of a USB, Type-C attachment. It not only supports the future tech but also does for all previous Samsung phones with an addition of an adapter for attaching the micro USB port present in older mobiles. It offers a great deal of VR experience for just $99.

Playstation VR

Gaming on PS has never been this exciting before as PlayStation has its own line of VRs now. This device is compatible with PS4 only but it’s still cheaper than its rivals for gaming consoles like Rift and Vive. Now you can revisit all your favorite games with exciting experiences of virtual reality.

HTC Vive

Also made for the better gaming experience, HTC Vive rivals Rift by allowing you to attach it to a high-quality gaming PC giving you active VR familiarity. It also lets you move around space. It comes with two controllers giving the user more freedom to navigate and have more motion recognition.

Oculus Go Standalone

The best thing about Oculus Go Standalone probably is that it does not bind you to use it with Google smartphones like Pixel alone, as opposed to Samsung VR. Durability could be one drawback here, but it serves to purpose well for its given price which is not that much high. It comes with a handled controller that helps in better navigation than other VR headsets.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR is offering a lot of smart-phone devices lately and it hasn’t come short in the business of selling VR headset either. The Mi VR is a low-cost tool, yet it has a very decent design. It also works fine with most of the smartphones preferably with those having larger resolutions. It has its own app that contains some great stuff to watch for its users.

Universal Virtual Reality Goggles 

Pasonomi VR-X is also one of the least costly virtual reality headsets. It features a controller that is pretty much the same as its competitor Daydream, having buttons and a joystick. It supports nearly all the major Android phones and also on iOS preferably with large resolution.

Mattel View-Master

Mattel View-Master is considered to be one of the best VR devices there are for kids. Mattel came up with a partnership with Google in order to make a headset specialized for children to let them experience a whole new world of fun and learning in a 360-degree setting.

So, these are the top 10 Virtual Reality Glasses Headsets that you may want to look at if you have plans to buy one this year as they offer great value for their price.

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