While buying a car or a DSLR Camera, everybody wants to buy something new that meets the latest fashion. Today, DSLR cameras have speed, high resolution, high image quality and a dashing look, which attracts the customers and always meets their expectations.

Some peoples are thinking that due to smart mobile and their high-resolution cameras DSLR cameras have no more worth but a professional photographer can understand the importance of DSLR and also know that this digital camera cannot be replaced.

DSLR Camera In 2020

In the recent year 2019, a huge no. of people buy professional DSLR cameras because the craze of photography can enjoy only with DSLR camera. Even if a person has no idea about photography, he has DSLR cameras HD pictures, because it is what DSLR cameras are famous for.

Best DSLR camera appeals to the customers a lot so the DSLR makers want to make sure they do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers by selling the best DSLR cameras available.

There are a huge number f DSLR cameras out there in the market, each differs from the other. Day by day competition among this camera is increasing so these camera makers are trying to produce an extraordinary product that has a perfect look and best performance.

Every year sees a better and popular camera on the top due to huge demand this is estimated that 2020 will be a more competitive year producer need to pay more focus to introduce something unique with a perfectly looking shape.

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2020 is seeing some brilliant and eye-catching cameras. There is already a tough competition among the DSLR cameras. To generate more sales every producer will try to add something new.


Without a scintilla of doubt, the most advanced and technologically refined DSLR made is Nikon D850. Among the top DSLR cameras of 2019, it is on the top. It has a 45.7 MP sensor having a superb dynamic range.

This camera can easily be considered as a dream camera for professionals and studio level photography. It has an amazing autofocus system. Last but not the least; Nikon D850 has extra features such as focus stacking, tilting touch system, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and dual card slots. This all shows that Nikon D850 is a versatile camera.

Cannon 6D Mark II

This camera faced severe backlash from the people and critics all around the world. It was labeled to be the worst Canon camera ever. It was said that it failed to offer any modern features, which photographers and professionals might want to see.

People started to go after Canon 6D Mark II again. It was seen that this DSLR camera turned out to be so good that it became an instant favorite of YouTube vlogger. There is no denying that this DSLR camera is one of the finest DSLR cameras in 2019 and still among the top and making money in the market.

Nikon D7500

If expensive Nikon cameras like Nikon D500 are out of your range and you cannot buy that camera, you should go for Nikon D7500. This camera provides the same features with an estimated difference of $750 in money and will help you fulfill your dream of buying a fine Nikon.

This camera has the same resolution sensor and speed processor. It has a single slot memory card and if it differs from some other Nikon in terms of lens, you can add a lens to this camera too.

Nikon D500

In the history of DSLR cameras, only talking of Nikon, this Nikon, D500, is considered to be the most anticipated DSLR camera. It became an instant rage soon it got launched. People came after this Nikon as if, they had seen nothing. This Nikon DSLR camera had an astonishing pre-order history too. By launching this DSLR camera, they delivered, what the customers asked for. As a result, it became a sensation among the top professionals too, in no time.

Canon5 DSLR

There were some DSLR cameras launched before Canon 5DS R and photographers, professionals and customers were not happy because those DSLR cameras were not up to their expectations. Those cameras had no high resolution for landscapes and micro and everyone knows that studio photography needs perfect resolution. But this camera had a resolution of around 50.6 MP and it was a hit.

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